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about usAbout us:  The editorial team of Bagdhad Casino will inform you about the current legal situation of gambling in Iraq. We try to publish the latest developments and news here.   The Casino in Iraq is a mysterious thing shrouded in religious persecution and the influence and patronage of organized crime. Currently, casinos in Iraq often run out of high-end hotels in Baghdad and other affluent regions in the country. Recent establishments for gambling in Iraq have been hit hard by raids. Many speculate that such raids are prompted not by a desire to maintain religious adherence to Islamic Law, but by a lack of the casinos’ proprietors willingness to handover a sufficient cut of the profits to the appropriate Iraqi security services, basically amounting to a bribe.

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Regardless of the motives behind such raids, one can not help but be impressed by the governments’ abilities to largely stop large scale gambling in Iraq. In 2003 and after the US invaded Iraq, a Russian man named Vitaly Kouznetoz successfully opened a casino in Iraq city of Sulaymaniyah. However, it is unclear if Vitaly Kouznetoz’s Sulaymaniyah establishment is still operational today.

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A crackdown on illegal gambling in Iraq and the sale of alcohol would suggest it is not still active, but this is neither confirmed nor denied. Baghdad once known as Madinat-us-Salaam, or the City of Peace, has long been an area of new ideas and diverse ideas. Centrally located between Europe and Asia and near both the Tigris and Euphrates River, Baghdad has a rich history of trade, both in goods and ideas. Items like ivory soap, honey, and diamonds passed through the ports of the city while exports included silk, glass, tiles, and paper. This exchange of goods allowed for an exchange of ideas as well.

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In the Golden Age of Islam Iraq nighlife in the area saw the invention of many new devices and ideas that we still use today. Ibn al-Haythm invented the first camera and formed an explanation of how the eye works, while the poet Avicenna wrote Canon of Medicine which helped doctors diagnose diseases like cancer, and a Persian named Al-Khwarizmi invented algebra.

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People of all religions, all nationalities, and all professions. Will the introduction of legal Baghdad casinos be the next contribution? How will a Baghdad casino fit into this once center of learning turned hostile country? Only time will tell.

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